Restaurant Review: Orlando Meats

I keep an eye on my local restaurants, so a lot of times, I hype myself up about going to these places and often times I find myself disappointed in one way or another. I don’t say that to negatively speak about this restaurant I am doing a review on today, but from following them on Instagram and reading articles and reviews and seeing the menu; I definitely hyped myself up for a mild let down.

I am one of those people that watch mukbangs online. Yes, I watch videos of people eating. This is a no judgement zone! But in watching those videos, I became intrigued by the Korean corn dog. I am not normally a fan of corn dogs but I love gooey, melty cheese so I figured I would love this kind of corn dog. I proceeded to google search if these were sold in my area and came across Orlando Meats.

We go to this restaurant and try the Korean corn dog and the Meat Cue Pizza. The customer service was very subpar. The guy at the counter acted like we were wasting his time when we were deciding what to order. The person I was with had never heard of that restaurant and took some time to look over the menu. Also, there was nobody behind us so it wasn’t like we were holding up a line. But giving people the benefit of the doubt, I brushed it off my shoulders. And as we proceeded to order, he was rushing us and talking fast basically trying to get us out of the way. It wasn’t the worst experience but it definitely wasn’t a great one. It made enough of an impact on me that I’m in no hurry to return to this place.

The Korean dog

The crust is very crispy and seemingly has potato chips in the batter. It is topped with a tangy aoili and mustard. In my opinion, both the mustard and the sauce isnt needed because the aioli is tangy enough. I didnt get the gooeyness I was going for from the cheese but overall the corn dog was good.

The Meat Cute Pizza

This pizza was loaded down with meat. If you are a carnivore, meat lover type of person, this is the pizza for you. It had bacon, pepperoni, sausage and roast beef.

The pizza was more tasty than the corn dog but then again I am biased against corn dogs in general. I would give this restaurant a 5/10 because while the food was good, the customer service and atmosphere matters more in a restaurant to me. I would return to a place that doesn’t have the best food but the best customer service over a place that has amazing food and horrible customer service. And I’m not saying the food was amazing, it was good however.

If you’re in the Orlando area, check this place out. You may have a better experience than I did *shrugs*

Restaurant Review: Manzano’s Deli and Tin & Taco

I am slowly but surely getting back into my food tour and restaurant reviews. I really missed doing these! Today you get two for one because I went into both restaurants as they are side by side on the street so I got food from both places.

Initially, I was going to what is showing on Uber eats as ‘Mel’s Melts’ but when I got to the destination on my GPS it was Manzano’s. My first impression of Manzano’s is the kitchen doesnt look very clean, from the counter you could see into the kitchen but it wasn’t horrible and it looked like the girl was working alone so I wasn’t going to hold it against her. I ordered two sandwiches:

The first one was a Turkey Pannini. The menu said it had a sundried tomato spread, turkey, bacon and cheddar. When I bit into it, it was not a spread but minced sundried tomatoes, the turkey was dry and had no flavor, so was the bacon. There was nothing flavorful, holding the sandwich together. It was quite disappointing. But it did photograph well *shrugs*

The second sandwich was called Any Given Sunday on the menu. This one was better than the first, it was buffalo chicken, mozzarella cheese and your choice of blue cheese or ranch. It was a very basic sandwich, something you could make a home and it would likely taste better. I’m not trying to completely bash it, it was better than the first sandwich and had the right amount heat. If it was 3am and I was drunk and hungry, I would order this sandwich.

Then I went next door to Tin & Taco. These were very delicious tacos!! I am definitely going to return and order these again as well as try around their menu. They had a deal 3 for $12 and the tacos (I am listing them in the order they appear below)

I got were the MAC ATTACK which had beef, mac and cheese, green onion ( soooo delicious!), I got the TACOSAURUS which had beef, lettuce, pico, white cheddar, crushed doritos, southwest sauce and cotija cheese ( this one was my favorite), and I got the BRISKET BOMB that had brisket, queso, pico, chipotle sauce and cotija cheese.

I am definitely going back for that Tacosaurus taco and I will also try around the menu. It was a great day for a culinary adventure! Stay tuned for the next one! Follow me on Instagram at Alemontwisted where most of my food tour will be posted!!