Restaurant Review: The First Watch

Today I went to a restaurant called The First Watch, at a glance it doesn’t even look like a restaurant and when you do walk in you don’t know quite what to make out of the place. But when you look at the menu you see that this is a restaurant geared toward healthy food. All fresh ingredients; salads, fruits, artisan breads, specialty meats and cheeses. Honestly I was skeptical because of portion. I always want what’s the best for my buck and especially by this being a healthy restaurant I definitely did not want my plate to come out looking like something I can make at home myself. Watching the waiter walking by with the other table’s food and I saw small sandwiches on white bread it had my skepticism high. However, when my plate came to the table I was amazed at the freshness of the food, my fruit looked like it had been freshly picked out of a garden and my greens were crunchy and raw and the balsamic dressing was to die for!!

If you are ever in Orlando, FL The First Watch Café is a must eat place! I give it two thumbs up!!!
Granola with Sun Flower Seeds and Dried Cranberries with Vanilla Yogurt
granola and yogurt

Fresh Fruit and French Toast
fresh fruit and french toast

Fresh Fruit and French Toast
Fresh Fruit on top of French Toast


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