Resturant Review: The Turtle



This place is located in Sarasota, FL right off turtle beach. It is a quaint little place that you wouldn’t even notice if you did not know it was there.

The look of the inside of the restaurant was ancient and outdated although it did overlook the bay, however we sat inside.

The food was horrible! We had a brunch special because of where we stayed while we were vacationing. Part of the brunch special included a free drink and you could choose between a mimosa or a bloody mary and we got the mimosas. First let me tell you that the mimosa was made with pulped orange juice, Who does that??? Why would they serve us a mimosa with pulp?!

On to the food, We had what was supposed to be like hash browns or breakfast potatoes and they weren’t anything that resembled breakfast potatoes they were more like mashed potatoes that weren’t seasoned at all. They tasted like they were previously frozen and frost bitten then sautéed in a skillet with water and served. I also ordered the huervos rancheros and they were not traditional at all, and not that I would expect them to be traditional but they didn’t even have the components of a huervos rancheros-except for the egg part. What they called huervos rancheros were basically scrambled eggs with like ketchup, onions and peppers. I really did not understand the point of that dish.

The best part of the meal was the crab and shrimp au gratin that my fiancée had ordered and it was actually delicious, it wasn’t really an “au gratin” it was more like a simple casserole. It was topped with cheese and baked there was no crunchy texture to it at all to even be called an au gratin.

I feel like the food was supposed to be catered to the older crowd (that was the main view of the crowd in the restaurant) it was very soft food that didn’t have to be chewed really, and even so I still do not agree that the quality of the food had to be abandoned to suit older people.

I rate this place a very low 4.5 (on a scale of 1-horrible to 10 excellent) if I was grading it because it was definitely disgraceful. I would have to say that this place needs to be visited by Chef Robert Irvine and appear on an episode of Restaurant Impossible.


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