Food Truck Bazaar

We had a culinary extravaganza called Food Truck Friday here in Orlando. It was basically a coming together of all the food trucks in the area for one big feast. There was everything from BBQ, to sandwiches to even Swedish cuisine. It’s a place for all foodies to come together to enjoy different takes on food.

The first thing I sampled was a Goat Cheese Burger with Arugula, Tomato and Balsamic Glaze from the Treehouse Truck and it was by far the absolute BEST burger I have ever had! It was HUGE and also fairly priced. Eight bucks for a quality cheeseburger, No Offense to places like Five Guys but for $10 for a Jr burger with them its half the size of the Treehouse Truck burger. Definitely worth the money!


From the Caro-Bama BBQ Truck I had the BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich with the Hot Sweet sauce. It was a nice tender melt in your mouth pulled beef sandwich seasoned so well with a deliciously sweet with a hint of spice BBQ sauce on top.


I then went to a truck called The BIG Cheese. They are the reason I even showed up because I was craving grilled cheese. They had so many options and add ons to make the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich but because of my craving I went with the classic BIG Cheese grilled cheese sandwich and it had 3 different gooey, melty cheeses on it. I had them cut the sandwich in half and it was literally a lava of melty cheese just oozing out of the bread. THAT is what I call, Grilled Cheese.


-I am looking forward to trying them again because I saw a honey brie grilled cheese that I MUST try next time.

There was also a truck there called Voodoo, they say they have the most authentic Cajun and creole cuisine. From there I tried their crawfish mac and cheese, I must say I was slightly disappointed it wasn’t what I pictured Cajun crawfish mac and cheese to be. It was good, a bit too spicy for my taste. Personally I thought that the spice was so heavy that I could not enjoy the other flavors. I definitely plan to remix this and make my own version of Crawfish Mac and Cheese.


I also had a Connecticut lobster roll with yellow rice. It was tasty, however the lobster was a little tough but I guess I can cut them some slack seeing as they were out there all day with lobster.


Lastly I had 2 cupcakes from the only dessert truck out there, the Cakeeteer. This truck was run by a sweet young lady who is very talented with cupcakes. I am trying to venture into baking myself because that is not my strong point but her cupcakes were definitely a highlight. I chose a red velvet cupcake and a cookies and cream.


The red velvet had a cheese cake frosting on top but it was very mild not an overpowering flavor in the frosting, I thought it worked very well, allowing the red velvet to shine through. The cookies and cream cupcake was delicious, it was a chocolate cupcake with a cookies and cream frosting and topped with a mini Oreo cookie. 3 words: petite, beautiful and tasty. Right up my alley. I would love to see that lady compete on Cupcake Wars.

All in all my taste buds were pleased and I am looking forward to the next food truck meet and greet and I’m looking forward to trying all the food trucks I didn’t get to try this time.


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