Restaurant Review: Burger Fi

I am definitely burned out on eating at commercial restaurants. They pretty much all taste the same and with rumors swirling that the big name places don’t even use real meat I am just about disgusted with the idea of eating a burger from those places. Not to say that I can prove that the meat at this restaurant was real meat- I can say it tasted like real meat.


Burger Fi’s menu is pretty simple. You can get a burger, a hot dog, fries or onion rings and that’s about it food wise. But the quality of the meat and the explosive flavors is why you probably won’t need much variety. The price is pretty steep. Not cheap at all. For 2 burgers, 2 fries and 2 small drinks the tab came up to almost $30. That’s way high!!!

But the food was delicious! The fries (known as Urban Fries) were very seasoned, they were topped with a herb mixture, parmesan cheese and a garlic aioli. Check out the cool stamp they put on all their burgers! Loved it!

burger fi

urban fries

The fries were so seasoned that I decided I couldn’t eat them and I brought them home and bought some regular plain French fries from the store and I baked them all together to help the seasonings distribute amongst the other fries ( Pictures on another post).

The over seasoning of the fries and price are the only bad things I have to say about this place but other than that, it gets a two thumbs up from me! If you are ever in the Orlando area, you definitely need to make it to Park Avenue and eat some Burger Fi.

This guy looked like he was loving his fries!!!
guys eating


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