Restaurant Review: Fuji Sushi

I wanted to do an in depth review of this restaurant having both the dine-in and the take out experiences but I wasn’t able to do both before putting up this review.

So here goes…

Just a disclaimer, in case you didn’t already know. I reside in Orlando, FL so most of my restaurant reviews will be in and around this area. So if you’re ever here in sunny Florida be sure to try the places I review.

There is this cute, quaint sushi restaurant located in a plaza in the UCF area called Fuji Sushi. I am a huge fan of sushi and it had been awhile since I had some so when a friend told me about it I was anxious to go! I did take out when I went in, the staff was very friendly and displayed good customer service. Normally I order the California roll (and the different variations), shrimp tempura roll and variations, but today I wanted to try something different. They have a fried chicken roll!  I was a little skeptical about it but still chose to give it a try. It was delicious!




Its fried chicken, avocado, and a little hint of hot sauce rolled in the seaweed and rice and topped with fish eggs. It was pretty good! I wanted to dine in because I noticed they have a hibachi grill and I love those as well but didn’t get to get around to it. Maybe one day. I definitely recommend this place though. If you’re ever in Orlando and in the UCF area definitely try out Fuji Sushi.

Leave me a comment of a sushi restaurant I should try!


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