Looking Forward to Thanksgiving

Reblogging an Old Post from November 2014…Check it Out!

A Lemon Twisted

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of year. I have to admit I got so burned out on eating Thanksgiving food that I actually didn’t celebrate it for a couple of years, being that i am from the south Thanksgiving food isn’t that different from Sunday dinners and family dinners every other night of the year. But after my hiatus and now that I am on a healthier diet I am starting to look forward to Thanksgiving and indulging in my favorite dishes.

I am not a big fan of Turkey but I love to cook it. i love the different methods: frying, roasting, brining, stuffing, grilling and smoking. But no matter how juicy the turkey is it still tastes dry to me I think its really the texture of the meat i don’t like so much. Flavor wise I love fresh herbs and citrus, bold flavors and spice…

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