Tips for a Sucessful Memorial Day Party

As we approach this memorable holiday. Let’s keep in mind those who have fought and died for this country. Let’s also pull off the perfect party! These tips will help you host the best party effortlessly!

#1 Don’t fret over décor.                                                      

Keeping it simple is in. If you personally know someone who served in the military just place a few mementos or pictures of them around. You can go to your local dollar store (most cities should have a dollar tree) where you can buy paper plates, napkins and cups that are themed or all one color. If you’re going to be outside, just making sure there are activities for the kids like water balloons, tennis game setup, or even pool toys would set the entire ambience you’ll need.

#2. Plan ahead.                                                                       

This relates to menu, location, guests, and possible change in weather. Make sure to be prepared. In case it rains have the party outside a local community center or make sure you’re prepared for people to come inside your home. That way you can easily just take the party inside. Have guests RSVP so you can have an idea of who will be coming so you don’t end up with too much or too little food. Plan your menu ahead of time so you can make ahead certain dishes, marinate or have food prepped so you’re not spending the whole time in the kitchen.

#3. Pick an easy menu                                                             

Potluck style is the most stress free of all things! You’ll only have to focus on your dishes and know you’ll have help because everyone else is bringing something. If you must make the whole meal, pick easy, fake out recipes that don’t require a lot of work. There’s nothing wrong with doctoring up that box side, adding flare to the premade drink, or fixing up those box cupcakes. If you do it right no one will know the difference! Also set a variety of dishes, these days vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters can dine together easily. Be sure to make sure there’s something for everyone!

#4 Don’t forget the music!                                                            

Music makes the difference between a boring get together and a party! Pre plan your playlist and put it on repeat! Don’t disturb your neighbors though!

#5 Make clean up a breeze!                                                         

First make everything that you use from cooking utensils to serving and eating all disposable.  Involve your guests in the clean up! It takes no time for everyone to throw something away! Also keep large trash bags around so that way people can dispose of their trash as they go.

#6 ENJOY Yourself!

It’s a party right? There’s no reason you should be stressed at a party. Ask for help! Heck, Demand it! Do what you need to do so you can take it easy. If you follow these tips, your party should be a no brainer!

Provide any extra tips in the comments!




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