Thanksgiving 2016

I know I’m very late with this post. As a matter of fact, Pretty soon we’ll be getting ready for Thanksgiving once again but I wanted to reflect on last year as it was my first  vegetarian Thanksgiving. I must admit, the preparation for the day was a struggle because I am used to prepping a turkey and all the other dishes that may include meat. However everything I used even down to the stock was vegetable. The menu included two veggie tarts, macaroni and cheese, vegetable stuffed stuffing, an appetizer of pear & cheese on crackers and cranberry and almond salad with a simple vinaigrette. When the day came and it was time to sit down for dinner I can say I did not miss the meat! Everything was delicious and filling! I still took my nap and woke up to eat some more. Enjoy these pictures from my  vegetarian Thanksgiving!

                   The Pan of Macaroni and Cheese

   Appetizer: Pear and Brie Cheese on Crackers

The Vegetable Stuffing!!

The Vegetable Tart Before and After Cooking!

My Plate!!!

Small Bites

I love small bites! Hors d’oeuvres and cocktails are my favorite pastimes. This small bite combines sweet and savory with crunchy, smooth and cheesy textures- all the things a true foodie loves.

Take a look at my Apricot, Brie and Bacon fillo cups!

fillo cups2

I am working on a cook book, do you think these are cook book worthy??