Restaurant Review: BJ’s Brewery

This past Sunday I went for a leisurely lunch at BJ’s Brewery. It’s an American restaurant in Kissimmee, FL. The atmosphere is nice it’s mostly like a bar with a subtle family vibe. The game day, beer drinking,  party vibe is the strongest so with as much screaming that went on across the restaurant randomly I wouldn’t go there with my kids.

Anyhow, the food was delicious and you can really taste the freshness in the ingredients. Which is definitely a plus considering “fresh flavors” is not something you’d expect at a typical American food restaurant.  I started off with the Avocado Egg Roll with Tamarind sauce. The sauce was amazing!!! I bought some home to eat with something else. I’m not a big fan of avocado but the eggroll was really good! I definitely recommend you try it!

I ordered as an entrée the Mediterranean pizza. Everything that I don’t like separately was really good together on this pizza. I especially loved how it’s deep dish and loaded so I ordered a small thinking mini would be too small for me. But that actually would’ve been just right. I can only imagine how a medium or large would’ve looked.

Here is the version of that same pizza with no cheese and no meat. Still looks good huh?

The only feedback I would give is that the service is slow. This is definitely a place you want to go when you have time to spare. Not for a quick meal. Overall I liked my experience and definitely will be returning.

Comment any places I should visit and review in the Florida area and also let me know if you’ve been to this place and what you think of it.

Til Next Time!

-The Twisted Lemon

Restaurant Review: Fuji Sushi

I wanted to do an in depth review of this restaurant having both the dine-in and the take out experiences but I wasn’t able to do both before putting up this review.

So here goes…

Just a disclaimer, in case you didn’t already know. I reside in Orlando, FL so most of my restaurant reviews will be in and around this area. So if you’re ever here in sunny Florida be sure to try the places I review.

There is this cute, quaint sushi restaurant located in a plaza in the UCF area called Fuji Sushi. I am a huge fan of sushi and it had been awhile since I had some so when a friend told me about it I was anxious to go! I did take out when I went in, the staff was very friendly and displayed good customer service. Normally I order the California roll (and the different variations), shrimp tempura roll and variations, but today I wanted to try something different. They have a fried chicken roll!  I was a little skeptical about it but still chose to give it a try. It was delicious!




Its fried chicken, avocado, and a little hint of hot sauce rolled in the seaweed and rice and topped with fish eggs. It was pretty good! I wanted to dine in because I noticed they have a hibachi grill and I love those as well but didn’t get to get around to it. Maybe one day. I definitely recommend this place though. If you’re ever in Orlando and in the UCF area definitely try out Fuji Sushi.

Leave me a comment of a sushi restaurant I should try!

Restaurant Review: The Sub Shack

The SUB SHACK is a small sub shop located close to Ocoee FL. It is a small time restaurant that unless you’re a local to the area you will not have even heard of. The look and location of the place is quite deceiving in comparison to the food served. It’s really popular amongst the locals and have seen a few times a long line inside the place. The food there is amazing!! They serve sub sandwiches, flatbreads, and pizza (sizes go up to Jumbo Large). Everything that they serve is pretty much customizable and my favorite thing to eat there is their flatbreads. They only use fresh ingredients so when I order my spinach and mozzarella flatbread I can really taste the freshness.

Check out their website! and if you’re ever in the area this is a must eat location!!! They have a Facebook like page as well and if you are still Skeptical, check out the reviews! this place gets 5 stars from me!!!


pizza before

store front

Restaurant Review: Burger Fi

I am definitely burned out on eating at commercial restaurants. They pretty much all taste the same and with rumors swirling that the big name places don’t even use real meat I am just about disgusted with the idea of eating a burger from those places. Not to say that I can prove that the meat at this restaurant was real meat- I can say it tasted like real meat.


Burger Fi’s menu is pretty simple. You can get a burger, a hot dog, fries or onion rings and that’s about it food wise. But the quality of the meat and the explosive flavors is why you probably won’t need much variety. The price is pretty steep. Not cheap at all. For 2 burgers, 2 fries and 2 small drinks the tab came up to almost $30. That’s way high!!!

But the food was delicious! The fries (known as Urban Fries) were very seasoned, they were topped with a herb mixture, parmesan cheese and a garlic aioli. Check out the cool stamp they put on all their burgers! Loved it!

burger fi

urban fries

The fries were so seasoned that I decided I couldn’t eat them and I brought them home and bought some regular plain French fries from the store and I baked them all together to help the seasonings distribute amongst the other fries ( Pictures on another post).

The over seasoning of the fries and price are the only bad things I have to say about this place but other than that, it gets a two thumbs up from me! If you are ever in the Orlando area, you definitely need to make it to Park Avenue and eat some Burger Fi.

This guy looked like he was loving his fries!!!
guys eating

Food Truck Bazaar

We had a culinary extravaganza called Food Truck Friday here in Orlando. It was basically a coming together of all the food trucks in the area for one big feast. There was everything from BBQ, to sandwiches to even Swedish cuisine. It’s a place for all foodies to come together to enjoy different takes on food.

The first thing I sampled was a Goat Cheese Burger with Arugula, Tomato and Balsamic Glaze from the Treehouse Truck and it was by far the absolute BEST burger I have ever had! It was HUGE and also fairly priced. Eight bucks for a quality cheeseburger, No Offense to places like Five Guys but for $10 for a Jr burger with them its half the size of the Treehouse Truck burger. Definitely worth the money!


From the Caro-Bama BBQ Truck I had the BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich with the Hot Sweet sauce. It was a nice tender melt in your mouth pulled beef sandwich seasoned so well with a deliciously sweet with a hint of spice BBQ sauce on top.


I then went to a truck called The BIG Cheese. They are the reason I even showed up because I was craving grilled cheese. They had so many options and add ons to make the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich but because of my craving I went with the classic BIG Cheese grilled cheese sandwich and it had 3 different gooey, melty cheeses on it. I had them cut the sandwich in half and it was literally a lava of melty cheese just oozing out of the bread. THAT is what I call, Grilled Cheese.


-I am looking forward to trying them again because I saw a honey brie grilled cheese that I MUST try next time.

There was also a truck there called Voodoo, they say they have the most authentic Cajun and creole cuisine. From there I tried their crawfish mac and cheese, I must say I was slightly disappointed it wasn’t what I pictured Cajun crawfish mac and cheese to be. It was good, a bit too spicy for my taste. Personally I thought that the spice was so heavy that I could not enjoy the other flavors. I definitely plan to remix this and make my own version of Crawfish Mac and Cheese.


I also had a Connecticut lobster roll with yellow rice. It was tasty, however the lobster was a little tough but I guess I can cut them some slack seeing as they were out there all day with lobster.


Lastly I had 2 cupcakes from the only dessert truck out there, the Cakeeteer. This truck was run by a sweet young lady who is very talented with cupcakes. I am trying to venture into baking myself because that is not my strong point but her cupcakes were definitely a highlight. I chose a red velvet cupcake and a cookies and cream.


The red velvet had a cheese cake frosting on top but it was very mild not an overpowering flavor in the frosting, I thought it worked very well, allowing the red velvet to shine through. The cookies and cream cupcake was delicious, it was a chocolate cupcake with a cookies and cream frosting and topped with a mini Oreo cookie. 3 words: petite, beautiful and tasty. Right up my alley. I would love to see that lady compete on Cupcake Wars.

All in all my taste buds were pleased and I am looking forward to the next food truck meet and greet and I’m looking forward to trying all the food trucks I didn’t get to try this time.

Resturant Review: The Turtle



This place is located in Sarasota, FL right off turtle beach. It is a quaint little place that you wouldn’t even notice if you did not know it was there.

The look of the inside of the restaurant was ancient and outdated although it did overlook the bay, however we sat inside.

The food was horrible! We had a brunch special because of where we stayed while we were vacationing. Part of the brunch special included a free drink and you could choose between a mimosa or a bloody mary and we got the mimosas. First let me tell you that the mimosa was made with pulped orange juice, Who does that??? Why would they serve us a mimosa with pulp?!

On to the food, We had what was supposed to be like hash browns or breakfast potatoes and they weren’t anything that resembled breakfast potatoes they were more like mashed potatoes that weren’t seasoned at all. They tasted like they were previously frozen and frost bitten then sautéed in a skillet with water and served. I also ordered the huervos rancheros and they were not traditional at all, and not that I would expect them to be traditional but they didn’t even have the components of a huervos rancheros-except for the egg part. What they called huervos rancheros were basically scrambled eggs with like ketchup, onions and peppers. I really did not understand the point of that dish.

The best part of the meal was the crab and shrimp au gratin that my fiancée had ordered and it was actually delicious, it wasn’t really an “au gratin” it was more like a simple casserole. It was topped with cheese and baked there was no crunchy texture to it at all to even be called an au gratin.

I feel like the food was supposed to be catered to the older crowd (that was the main view of the crowd in the restaurant) it was very soft food that didn’t have to be chewed really, and even so I still do not agree that the quality of the food had to be abandoned to suit older people.

I rate this place a very low 4.5 (on a scale of 1-horrible to 10 excellent) if I was grading it because it was definitely disgraceful. I would have to say that this place needs to be visited by Chef Robert Irvine and appear on an episode of Restaurant Impossible.

Restaurant Review: The First Watch

Today I went to a restaurant called The First Watch, at a glance it doesn’t even look like a restaurant and when you do walk in you don’t know quite what to make out of the place. But when you look at the menu you see that this is a restaurant geared toward healthy food. All fresh ingredients; salads, fruits, artisan breads, specialty meats and cheeses. Honestly I was skeptical because of portion. I always want what’s the best for my buck and especially by this being a healthy restaurant I definitely did not want my plate to come out looking like something I can make at home myself. Watching the waiter walking by with the other table’s food and I saw small sandwiches on white bread it had my skepticism high. However, when my plate came to the table I was amazed at the freshness of the food, my fruit looked like it had been freshly picked out of a garden and my greens were crunchy and raw and the balsamic dressing was to die for!!

If you are ever in Orlando, FL The First Watch Café is a must eat place! I give it two thumbs up!!!
Granola with Sun Flower Seeds and Dried Cranberries with Vanilla Yogurt
granola and yogurt

Fresh Fruit and French Toast
fresh fruit and french toast

Fresh Fruit and French Toast
Fresh Fruit on top of French Toast